Financial Spectrum is a privately owned financial planning practice with offices across Sydney.

Uncompromised advice

Because we’re privately owned financial planners, we’re not tied to any so-called financial 'products'. We reject commissions. Charging a flat fee for our expertise means our advice is never compromised.

Big picture analysis

Being unbound from commissions means we’re always able to recommend the best, most suitable 'products'. But more than that, it’s about starting independent of 'products' altogether. With our independent mindset we can step back far enough to look at the whole picture — your life and how you want to live it. And only once we've understood that, do we get into the detail of how we create the perfect financial future for you.

Financial Spectrum
Financial Spectrum
Financial Spectrum

Sydney CBD 
Level 13
447 Kent Street
NSW 2000

Credit, mortgage and insurance broking


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Company values and culture

At Financial Spectrum we believe that ultimately financial planning is about life, not money. At the core of what we do is delivering to our clients their very best future, not just better returns. That's why our core client metrics are goals focussed, rather than them being financially focussed. Goals focussed means paying attention to things like family, education, travel and lifestyle. Accordingly, our advice ties in with the key moments in our clients' lives; such as buying a home, taking time out of the workforce to have a baby - or raise children - or helping people work part-time so they can pursue higher goals such as starting a business. 

We're not motivated purely by money. This is reflected through a culture that values experiences, and enjoyment in what we do, above profit.


  • 5 additional personal leave days
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Personal financial planning and accounting services
  • Regular team events and conferences
  • Training and development opportunities

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