How is Finni different to other mortgage brokers?

Finding a broker willing to seek out solutions to complex problems was always a challenge for Finni founder and property investor Paul Glossop.

We created Finni because we found that investors were coming up against the same challenges over and over. Their broker had told them they could no longer borrow to continue growing their portfolio. Finni was founded to provide that critical second opinion.

We meet so many investors who are confused about how their finances should be structured. What we are able to provide for them, beyond a home loan, is guidance around releasing equity, how much they should release, the different appetites among lenders, whether they should be fixing some or all of their rates. Finni provides borrowers with strategic credit advice to get them closer to their goal. 

Searching for solutions 

There is no shortage of brokers in Australia. New clients often come to Finni from other brokers who have been unable to find a solution. Not every mortgage broker is going to have a solution for you. It really comes down to experience and a deep understanding of the market, which lenders have the appetite for which deals and the product and policy changes that will benefit the borrower. 

Brokers and banks are very quick to lump complex loans into the ‘too hard’ basket. Particularly when they have plenty of vanilla deals to work through. But the solution is always there; it’s just about finding the right broker willing to work for it. 

When I first started investing in property almost 15 years ago, I was fortunate to be working with a broker who knew how to recycle equity and structure my finances correctly to acquire that second and third property. 

Most of my personal property success comes down to the ability of my broker to navigate what solutions are available and structure them for my specific circumstances. That expertise led to $50 million worth of property acquisitions in the past 15 years; everything from a $100,000 purchase to a $14 million development. 

It has always been a stepping stone approach. Property investment is about time and experience and education. Finni is built around that growth mindset. 

Anyone buying real estate, whether you’re a seasoned investor or first home buyer, should keep an open mind and be looking to educate themselves through the process. 

If you’re not going to learn from those who are more experienced than you and gain all you can from that experience, then you may as well just go to a bank.

Finni is a finance solution for those who care about what they do with their money and are passionate about educating themselves, bettering themselves and improving their financial position. Not all brokers are about that. But it’s what we do.

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