Broker Business Blueprint

  • Sylvia MacFarlaine | September 23, 2019
My Virtual Mentor

We are excited to introduce our coaching/mentoring and training program the Broker Business Blueprint (BBB). A new to industry program where focus is on both business and lending coaching, and mindset training.

Varying levels of training will support both new to industry and existing Brokers. Spread over 5 key modules, the BBB will coach and mentor brokers on how to run a “professional practice” – specifically how to increase their pipelines, improve their sales skills, tighten their processes and business operations, improve their credit skills and learn how to work in and on their businesses.


Typically Brokers tend to lose their focus and direction and forget their “WHY’S”. This module is all about converting the Brokers mindset to focus on building a sustainable practice by digging deep in into where they are NOW, where they want to BE and HOW they are going to get there. A transformational journey to learn how to work in as well as on their businesses and cope with challenges.

Sales Strategy


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The sales process has shifted from a transactional, to a relationship driven sales model where solutions provided should be linked to meet a clients financial needs at any stage of their lifecycle. This module focuses on a holistic approach when providing client solutions. Not only where the client is now but also in them future and identifying pain points before they happen.


A large amount of Brokers (especially new to industry) engage in low Marketing activity. In fact their digital presence is almost non existent yet most buyers typically start their buying journey online. This module will focus on various marketing options Brokers can leverage off to increase lead generation. Including social media (FB, LinkedIn, Website, IG), LAM, CRM Marketing, and Business Referral Partners.

Process & Business Operations

Lending best practise and establishing Business Operational procedures would have to be one of the MOST challenging tasks of any Brokers business. Technology, automation and compliance remains a constant revolving door. This module aims to help Brokers map out their processes, leverage off their Aggregator platforms, find efficiencies and stay on top of their tax and legal obligations as a business.

Lending 102

The largest of the 5 modules, Lending 102 shares hints, tips and case study opportunity to improve Brokers loan writing skills, and to diversify into other lending solutions such as commercial, asset finance, SMSF lending and risk insurance. Both basic and advanced lending & compliance principles will be covered to enable Brokers to improve both credit skills, submission quality and conversion .

Let's get granular - BBB in detail

Sales Strategy - typical webinar topics for module 2

  • Understanding Borrow Psychology – Pre enquiry (multiple sessions)
  • Probing the Probe – Guided Discovery (multiple sessions)
  • How to Pre qualify and convert a lead in one phone interview (multiple sessions)
  • Customer Engagement – Building Solutions, managing expectations
  • (multiple sessions)
  • Driving Sales into diversified products – how to identify value adding
  • What is sales – the power of influence
  • Understanding a client’s life cycle
  • How to position diversified products during the sales process – individual sessions (asset finance, financial planning, risk insurance, commercial lending, SMSF Lending)


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