Multi-skilled problem solver? Then this firm is looking for you

  • Tim Neary | September 18, 2019
Multi-skilled problem solver

The ideal candidate for leading accounting firm LMS Advisory is somebody who has a great attention to detail as well as a strong people focus, according to director Alexander Stephen Laureti. 

“What we found especially for us in the accounting industry at our firm in particular is that accountants are now becoming more client-focused, and having to have client contact,” explains Mr Laureti.

“With the advent of cloud computing and the way that we deal with our clients we like to become a trusted advisor, and what that means is that we will have more interactions with our clients more often.” 


LMS Advisory is a flourishing and growing firm who is always on the lookout for new talent. We offer a friendly working environment with potential for growth.
Mr Laureti adds that being multi-skilled is useful.   

“It's important for us that the people who are working for us are good natured who are able to be seen to be problem solvers, who are calm under pressure, and who can also build a rapport with clients.”

He says that the problems vary in complexity. 

“Those problems can be very simple with regards to their lodgment of the business activity statement or a simple tax return. It could go all the way through to the buying and selling of a business, acquisitions, purchasing a new property.

 “The days of people who used to sit in the back room and not say too much, I think that they're a little bit behind us and that's come with technology and just come with I suppose the kind of firm that we are.”

Family roots 

Mr Laureti says LMS Advisory has a real family attitude towards its staff and clients.

“We started off as a family business,” he says.

“The business was originally myself and my father. We're bigger than that now. We have a third partner as well, but a lot of the people who have come to work for us over the years have been referred from a family member.”

He adds that people tend to work to for the firm for a long time. 

“We value that loyalty,” says Mr Laureti. 

“We want to build long term relationships with our staff as well as our customers as well. Often the clients of the firm have been with us for 20/30 years. For the younger generation we're starting on that trend and building along with that.”

Mr Laureti says the office is relatively young.  

“We get our work done but we also like to have a laugh along the way,” says Mr Lautreti.

“We're client-focused in what we do. It can be high pressure sometimes but it can also be very rewarding by the same token as well.”

Client range 

LMS Advisory has a leaning towards clients in the professional services industry, but not exclusively so. 

“We have quite a few doctors, dentists and real estate agents, but we also have many clients who are in the building and construction industry as well.

“We tend to be more in touch with our clients, to be the trusted advisor. We don't just want to onboard clients so that we see them once a year and their work is done.” 

Mr Laureti says the business is about more than just compliance.

“We like to be part of the decision making process as well,” he says.. 

“We want to be looking at the whole advisory spectrum as well. That means often attending clients once a month for meetings, strategy sessions, things like that. We like to come up with boutique solutions, not just what their needs are today but what they might also benefit from if they come on board with us.”

Mr Laureti says the first thing that clients usually ask is how they can work with LMS Advisory. 

The question of price, he says, is often the last thing that's spoken about. 

But Mr Laureti says that price does play a role.

“I don't think that clients would pay any price to be with us, but we're quite clear when it comes to all of our clients that we're not the most expensive but we're not the cheapest.

“If you were coming to us because you found us on the yellow pages and you were looking for the cheapest price you're probably not going to find a good fit with us.”

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