A firm so good to work for you’ll want to refer your friends 

  • Tim Neary | August 28, 2019
New Hires

Prime Partners hires midrange, intermediate candidates, and they often come through its network of current employees. 

Director George Morice says the firm’s culture is so good that it makes the people that already work there want to refer their friends in. 

“They are proud of where they work, and that is a really important part of it,” he tells Finni. 


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Mr Morice says the first thing Prime Partners looks for in a new hire is culture, then skill. 

“And only after that do we look at qualification,” he adds.

“We are looking for someone who is going to play with the team. They don’t have to look and feel like everybody else here; we like uniqueness, but we want them to be able to co-operate with the team and see the larger picture.”

Mr Morice says the firm prefers to hire people who want to develop themselves. 

“We don’t want to hand-hold people. We will help them, but we want people who know how to help themselves.

“This firm has a passion for learning. We are constantly sharing new books, new ideas, new articles and we want someone who is going to fit into that culture of wanting to improve themselves.”


Mr Morice says the people that do well at Prime Partners all have a yearning to do more than just compliance.

“Now compliance will always be a big part of what they do, but those that excel here all want to add the ‘two per cent’. They want finish the job off, and then add some value.

“You can do a set of accounts and get a tax return done, and now we want to see what other value can we add. We want our employees to actually look at the accounts, and know the business over years – and go, they need to make these changes to help the business to grow.”

Mr Morice calls the culture at Prime Partners a performance one with a reasonable lifestyle. 

He says the firm is incredibly flexible.

“We let people work in the way that they want to work,” adds Mr Morice.

“They just need to get the work done. We don’t care when or how – as long as it get done. On a typical day people come in at what time suits them. We don’t watch the clock, which is a very strange thing for an accounting firm, and we don’t do time sheets. 

“We have a morning meeting at 9.15 when most people are in, and talk about what you are going to do that day, and we do that to see if there are any opportunities to collaborate with other team members. There’s normally a coffee-run in the morning, there is ping pong here so people have a game every now and again. People do things at their own pace, and people will leave when they want to as well.”


But Mr Morice says it is not to say the staff come in and work a three-hour day, and that is all they do.

“There is an expectation to get the work done,” he says. 

“We don’t micro manage. You get it done when you can get it done and if you do it super-quickly then good on you. As long as it’s accurate, great. I hate people being rewarded for sitting around the office for a long time, or for tenure of employment. If you are good at your job you will be promoted.

“And the measurement of it is not just the output of work, it’s how that relationship with the client actually develops. It’s how you are building the firm.” 


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