5 great reasons to become an accountant

  • Staff Reporter | December 10, 2018
Accountings are used by everyone!

The best of both worlds!

It often seems like you have to choose between flexibility or stability when it comes to picking a career. But what if you could have both? 

You never know where life will lead, but a career as an accountant will set you up for whatever the future holds. Here are five reasons why becoming an accountant might be the right direction for you… 

The future is bright


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As long as businesses and individuals are making money, there will be a need for accountants across all specialisations. 

Accounting is big business in Australia, employing almost 190,000 workers in 2017 with the federal government predicting that accountancy will see a 16 percent growth in jobs in the five years leading up to 2022. 

Most accounting jobs in Australia are full time; however, more flexible work arrangements – such as condensed hours, flexible time and parental leave – are becoming available as accounting firms compete for top people. 

Proportion of Accounting Vacancies filled

Advancement opportunities 

The sky’s the limit for career-minded accountants – with the right training, attitude and opportunities you could advance to management, the C-Suite or on to a board. 

Plus, if you want to take a different track in your career, a qualification in accounting is very well-respected. 

Work in the industry of your choice

Many accountants work for firms handling multiple clients; however, you can also work as an in-house accountant for a single business. All different kinds of businesses across every industry use in-house accountants – you could be working in sports, entertainment or agriculture. Your passion for the industry could even be a selling point for recruiters! 

Worldwide careers

If you’ve ever wanted to work overseas, a career in accounting can really open doors! Although specific certification requirements vary by country and region, the basic accounting principles are the same wherever you go, and Australia-trained accountants can be found working all over the world. 

Working with diverse clients

Who you work with will depend on what sort of accountant you become. You could be helping small business owners manage their accounts or maximising an individual’s tax return. Or you could be advising top-level management of international businesses on financial risk and mergers. You could also volunteer your skills with a charity in your spare time! 

I’m keen! Now what?

If you’re ready to take the first steps towards becoming an accountant, there are a range of Registered Training Organisations in Australia offering courses in accounting. See what's available in your area!

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